Breakfast is Getting Cerious

Rare, limited-edition and delicious cereal and snacks — delivered to your doorstep.

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People are talking about us

The cereals and snacks are amazing! I never knew these flavours existed!!

— Justin K. Montreal

“I grew tired of the cereal I was getting at the grocery store every week. Cereal box club gets me exclusive cereals that i love!”

— Becky N. Toronto

“my kids love the monthly surprise and the cool toys. it’s the only mail they race to open!”

— Jessica L. Halifax

Here’s how it works

1. Hand-picked

Every month, our staff handpicks one limited-edition, hard to find and nostalgic box of cereal — along with three delicious breakfast treats.

2. Delivered

Your exclusive box of rare cereal and curated breakfast treats are carefully shipped and delivered right to your doorstep, anywhere across the country.

3. Enjoyed

Tear open the box and indulge in a bag of limited-edition cereal and snacks, with your friends, family or by yourself, late at night or first thing in the morning.

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