Wishing You a Happy Holidays Cereal Box Club Style

Forget egg nog, Santa or Christmas lights for that matter, Cereal Box is doing this holiday season Coffee style...and of course with cereal 🥣

Dunkin Cereal
Attention coffee lovers, this month’s menu jolts a flavour so rich and bold you may find yourself redefining your morning cup-o-joe. Add the smooth creamy flavours of Caramel Macchiato or Mocha Latte along with fluffy marshmallows to your spoon to stir up - in our opinion - the tastiest morning brew out there. Which box did you get? 
Kit Kat
At Cereal Box Club, we love Kit Kat’s! We searched high and low to find the perfect match to go with your bowl of coffee cereal. We found these super exclusive King Sized Mocha Chocolate Kit Kat’s to fuse, possibly, the best two flavours on earth!
Now, we’ve all had skittles before, but dunk them in delicious creamy yogurt and watch your mind get blown away!
It’s time for the Big Cup. Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about the Big Cup Reese’s peanut butter cups but with a wild twist - pretzels on the inside!!! We can’t think of a better combo, can you?
Milka Oreo
Imagine the creamy inside of an Oreo but as a chocolate bar! That’s basically what these never-seen-before Milka Oreo White chocolate bars taste like. 
Haribo Gummies
All the way from Europe, these Haribo Pico-Balla’s pack a fun taste and new edge to your average gummy. 

From the entire team at Cereal Box Club we wish you all a happy, delicious and unbelieve-a-bowl 😜 Holidays 🙏