So this happened in March...🦘

When the rumour was going around that the famous Dunkaroos treat from 90's was making a comeback in cereal form, our jaws dropped 😮. We knew right away we had to get this gem of a cereal into our box - and success ✅


Well, it finally happened! We rented a time machine and went back to the 90s to get our hands on the impossible to find Dunkaroos - only this time, it’s a cereal. True to the classic Dunkaroos vanilla icing, this cookie shaped cereal packs all of that nostalgia into every bite. The pink, blue and purple sprinkles add the slightest hints of birthday cake and the milk at the end of this bowl takes you back to scooping out the leftover Dunkaroos icing. So sit down and enjoy because it’s not everyday you get to travel back in time 😉

Dunkaroos Cereal

Oreo’s secret sauce has always been its creamy icing sandwiched between the perfect chocolate cookie. So could they make this masterpiece even better? Oh baby they can! This Oreo turned up the icing machine to 100 and just kept stuffing and stuffing until the factory ran dry. If you notice an Oreo shortage in stores, you may just know why 😬😜

Oreo Most Stuf

We’ve all had cake before but this is something entirely new. Reese’s didn’t just set out to “Cakeify” a peanut butter cup, rather they fused the two together and the result is magical. Starting with a deep cocoa cake base, topped with Reese’s signature creamy peanut butter all coated in smooth milk chocolate, this confectionary prize is deserves ALL the hype.

Reese's Snack Cakes

These fruity berry ropes are possibly the funnest treat we’ve had in a long time. The inside is filled with sweet and chewy gummy while the outside is covered in crunchy Nerds candy. We know we’re not supposed to play with our food but maybe there’s an exception here - what do you think?

Nerds Rope

With movie theatres closed, we thought we’d bring the concession stand to you. These delicious bite-sized pieces of cupcake covered in creamy red frosting are the perfect treat for movie night. Bonus points for pairing them with a glass of milk 🥛

Red velvet Cupcakes Bites

A little while back Post and Sour Patch Kids teamed up to put a sour twist to your morning bowl of cereal. We get it. Sour Patch Kids are the greatest! But when we found out they released a bag of only Blue Raspberry…game over. 

Sour Patch Kids